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For us, dogs are family. We know that’s true for many of you, too.

Photo · Jason Miczek

Hi, I’m Gretchen and I’ve been a Charlotte dog mom for 16 years.

I’m the voice of DOG·CLT, a new website for Queen City dog lovers and pet parents who care a bit more than your average human about keeping their dogs happy, healthy and safe.

My husband and I have a 13-year-old puggle named Chester. We lost our 15-year-old Brittany, Toby, in December 2018. He was the shadow by my side for every high and low of early adult life. He’s here in spirit for this milestone, too, sitting at attention in our logo.

For us, dogs are family. I know that’s true for many of you, too – 95% of the pet parents I’ve asked, in fact.

They’re our sidekicks. Our shadows. Our unconditional love after a particularly tough day.

Toby helped me meet my first close friends when I moved to Charlotte in 2003 (at my apartment’s dog park, of course). And Chester relishes his role as wingman today. He’s never met a human he didn’t like – he’s a natural explorer and conversation starter, which makes him equally suited for mingling at a NoDa brewery or indulging my attempts to be more outdoorsy at a nearby state park.

Helpful. Local. Fun.

DOG·CLT aims to do one thing really well: create helpful, local, fun content for Charlotte dog owners.

We’ll highlight dog-friendly things to do and places you can take your dog in Charlotte. We’ll also get to know some of Crown Town’s favorite four-legged friends. And we’ll tap local experts for approachable answers to your most common questions about dog training, health and wellness.

You can expect fresh treats posted here a couple times each week. We’ll also have some fun on social. Look for us on Instagram and Facebook.

If you like what we’re doing, please tell a friend. If you don’t – or have an idea for something you’d like us to cover – tell us at contact@dogclt.com.

And if you see us around town, I’d love to say hello – just please forgive me if I easily remember your dog’s name but have to ask twice for yours.

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