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Photo · Nicole Begley Photography
Meet My Dog

Cam the Lab

Don’t let that goofy face fool you. This guy’s actually one big snuggle bug.

Meet My Dog

Nessa the Terrier

This sweet girl with polar bear paws just celebrated her first Gotcha-versary with her family.

Dog Training

Do Dogs Like to Be Trained?

In most cases, yes. Read on to find out why – and how to set and maintain a successful dog training routine.

Meet My Dog

Hamilton, the Little Dood

If this happy guy’s Broadway-inspired name doesn’t make you smile, his Hami Hugs will.

Life With Dogs

Best Holiday Gifts for Dog Lovers

From dog-themed apparel and books that give back, to coffee, corgis and photo keepsakes, here are our top local gifts.

Dog Training

How to Pick a Dog Trainer

Look for someone who’s transparent, experienced in training owners, and respectful of your training goals.

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