Cam the Lab

Don’t let that goofy face fool you. This guy’s actually one big snuggle bug.

In Meet My Dog, we say hello to some of the Queen City’s happiest four-legged friends and ask their people about their favorite things to do with dogs in Charlotte.

We’re bringing you a Leap Year treat this month with a double dose of Meet My Dog.

A few weeks ago we met Nessa, a sweet-faced, soft-coated wheaten terrier. This time we’re getting to know Cam the Lab through his mom Georgette.

Georgette met Cam when she started dating his dad, Chad, in 2017. Chad’s family had adopted Cam a few years prior after a family friend could no longer care for him. Chad and Cam quickly became inseparable – so much so that Cam went to college with Chad and became a big hit with his fraternity brothers.

Today, Georgette says Cam is the snuggliest pup she’s ever known. He’ll wait patiently in a pose she and Chad call “gatoring,” where he’ll place his head on a flat surface and stare at them – like an alligator would – until they give him permission to come cuddle. We don’t get the sense he ever needs to be invited twice.

“He’ll press his head against your chest and put his weight on you,” Georgette says. “It immediately makes you appreciate the love dogs have to offer us. We’re so thankful to have such an amazing dog like Cam. We could not ask for a better boy.”

Meet Cam

How did Cam get his name?

Cam was originally known as Gary by his former family. Chad spent weeks trying to figure out what fit best for him and he finally decided on Cam. But to stay true to his original self, his full name is Cameron Gary.

What are his nicknames?

We both call him Camerson, Camry or any play on the name Cam. I love calling him puppy or pup, and Chad calls him the grounds master because he loves patrolling his territory and making sure everyone is safe. He’s also known as Rich Homie.

Do you celebrate his birthday?

We definitely do! We treat him to new toys and treats. When we lived in Greensboro, I would buy him a puppy cake from a bakery nearby. When he turned 7, we got him a GIANT dinosaur toy because his previous favorite was a smaller version of it. He absolutely freaked out and ran all around our apartment squeaking it as loud as he could.

What’s Cam’s best trick?

I just recently taught him how to spin. It probably only took him 2 weeks to really get the hang of it.

What’s the weirdest thing he does?

We often catch him rolling onto his back to wiggle around while making weird sneezing and growling noises. As soon as he figures out he’s caught, he’ll lie there for a few seconds and then casually roll back over.

He also seems to forget he likes certain foods like strawberries or carrots until he eats one again. Then he can’t get enough of them and begs for more.

Favorite place for a long walk on the weekend?

We try to take him on long walks in our neighborhood, but someone is currently a little tubby and doesn’t like walking as long.

Go-to dog-friendly patio in Charlotte?

We love taking him to Max & Lola or Bulldog Beer & Wine. He recently hosted a Lab meetup at Max & Lola and we’d love to make it a regular thing! He enjoys playing with other dogs, but he’s definitely more of a people dog and has to greet every single person that walks in. It’s also funny because if any dogs start to get too rowdy he has to go separate them and keep the peace.

Favorite time of year to get outside?

We LOVE the spring and fall. It’s the best time to go out and play fetch with him. We also take him to Chad’s mom’s house where he plays in the pool and chases us while we ride the Polaris (an all-terrain vehicle) around the yard.

Favorite dog-friendly hidden gem around the region?

I’m not sure if this is hidden, but we love taking him to the Bark Park in Concord. It’s right next to the fire station and he always love making friends there.

Best dog-friendly day trip from Charlotte?

In the summer we enjoy taking him to the beach! We love hanging out with him while catching some sun. At first he didn’t like the water, but since he had a pool in his backyard he got over that very quickly. We would often catch him and his golden playmate, Bailey, wading around the pool by themselves.

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