Hamilton, the Little Dood

If this happy guy’s Broadway-inspired name doesn’t make you smile, his Hami Hugs will.

In Meet My Dog, we say hello to some of the Queen City’s happiest four-legged friends and ask their people about their favorite things to do with dogs in Charlotte.

This month we’re getting to know Hamilton, a little dood who loves exploring Charlotte’s dog-friendliest places.

If you’re wondering: Yes, he’s named after that Hamilton. More on why in a minute.

Hamilton’s mom, Lisa, is a lifelong dachshund owner who never dreamed she’d have a larger dog – but a series of fateful encounters two years ago changed her mind.

First, she met her cousin’s chocolate doodle. She says she thought he was spectacular, but couldn’t imagine handling a dog his size.

Then, she had holiday houseguests who visited with their boxer. Her senior dachshund, Madison, took to snuggling him immediately – something Lisa says she never did with another dog. It was enough to make her wonder what life with a bigger dog might be like.

When she met a mid-size Australian Labradoodle a few weeks later, she took it as a sign. She and Madison welcomed Hamilton into their pack that spring.

Madison passed a few months after Hamilton’s arrival, but Lisa says she thinks he made her life more complete in the end. It’s safe to say he’s done the same for Lisa.

“He has become my heart dog and goes with me everywhere,” she says. “If my dog can’t go, I’m pretty much not going.”

We asked Lisa to tell us more about Hamilton, how they’ll celebrate his birthday next month and where they spend their free time around Charlotte. Here’s what she said.

Meet Hamilton

How did Hamilton get his name?

I’m a huge fan of “Hamilton” the musical. I was listening to the soundtrack a week before the puppy formerly known as Dunkin’ was scheduled to come home. I had just met him and had this feeling the name didn’t fit him.

The song “The Room Where It Happens” played and a lightbulb went off over my head. Hamilton and Madison were in the room where it happened – of course his name is Hamilton, not Dunkin’!

What are his nicknames?

Hami, Ham the Man, Hamitime, Hambone. Pretty much anything with Ham because he is such a Ham! Although I do have a friend who likes to call him Bacon.

Do you celebrate his birthday?

Absolutely! We had a huge first birthday celebration at Lucky Dog with a dozen or so of his closest friends.

His second birthday party will be at The Unknown Brewing Co. We’ve lined up cake from Three Dog Bakery, birthday bandanas from WafflesAndCash, and party favors from Calvin’s Craft Cookies.

What’s Hamilton’s best trick?

Hami Hugs. They just come naturally. He stands on his hind legs and shuffles back and forth a few times before coming in for the perfect embrace. With a little prompting, he’ll also give a high-five when he’s in the mood.

What’s the weirdest thing he does?

He loves paper towels and napkins more than anything. He’ll stalk the dinner table to steal a napkin off of my lap, but he has absolutely no interest in begging for or even tasting human food.

Favorite place for a long walk on the weekend?

We like to walk along the Rail Trail. There are always so many other dogs and lots of places to stop and visit with people.

Go-to dog-friendly patio in Charlotte?

Oh my! It’s so hard to pick just one.

We frequent so many places: SycamoreCraftLenny BoyMac’s Speed ShopBig Ben PubNoDa BrewingBirdsongMax & LolaWooden RobotSnoozeUnknownSeoulHoppin’Lost and Found and many, many more.

If we had to pick just one, we couldn’t. Depends on the day!

Favorite time of year to get outside?

We’re pretty much out and about year-round when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold.

We like exploring neighborhoods like NoDa, South End and Plaza Midwood and taking photos. One of Hamilton’s other talents is posing for pictures. This dood could be a supermodel. We like to think of him as a muse for Kim at BARKography.

Favorite dog-friendly hidden gem around the region?

We love Crafty Beer Guys in Huntersville. It’s located in the cutest house and dogs are welcome inside, so when it isn’t patio weather, this is the perfect cozy spot to meet friends. We like to hang out in the room toward the back with a couch and chairs to lounge around in. And the bartenders give Hamilton local treats!

Pick for best dog-friendly day trip from Charlotte?

Hands down, Asheville. We love visiting the gardens and hiking the trails at Biltmore. We also love the breweries. New Belgium is a favorite.

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  1. Look at smiling Hamilton! He’s the bestest boi. I’m still laughing at the “Hamitime” nickname – that’s awesome. Love this post and thanks so much too for the shout out and link to my BARKography page!
    Hamilton fan

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