Nessa the Terrier

This sweet girl with polar bear paws just celebrated her first Gotcha-versary with her family.

In Meet My Dog, we say hello to some of the Queen City’s happiest four-legged friends and ask their people about their favorite things to do with dogs in Charlotte.

This month we’re getting to know Nessa, a soft-coated wheaten terrier.

Wheaties have a reputation for being friendly and happy – the American Kennel Club actually goes so far as to describe them as “merry extroverts.” Just one look at Nessa’s sweet face will tell you she’s no exception.

The breed is also known as deeply devoted. For Nessa and her mom, Kyle, that devotion goes both ways. Kyle adopted Nessa after she was surrendered to Carolina Poodle Rescue in January 2019. Kyle says they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Meet Nessa

How did Nessa get her name?

We knew wheaties are from Ireland, so we thought she needed an Irish name. Nessa means “bringer of great joy,” which is exactly what she’s done for us.

What are her nicknames?

Ness, Babydog, Smoochiepooch, Nessanator Alligator with the Polar Bear Paws. She got the last one as a puppy. She would destroy things like the Terminator and had giant, fluffy white paws.

Do you celebrate her birthday?

We don’t know her birthday, but we did celebrate her Gotcha-versary with family and pupcakes from PetPeople! Nessa got a new blue hedgehog toy that honks when she chews it. She hasn’t put it down.

What’s Nessa’s best trick?

Nessa’s learned a ton since joining the family. One of her best tricks is her ability to close doors on command. This one took her a a bit of time to learn but she got the hang of it after about a month!

What’s the weirdest thing she does?

She has three.

First, Nessa likes to stand on people. When you sit down, she’ll come and put her front paws on your shoulders and back paws on your lap. We think it’s like a greeting and also a request for hello-pets.

Second, she’ll do zoomies at night from her dog bed to the couch. It’s a distance of maybe 8 feet and she’ll just go back and forth jumping to her bed, zooming to the couch, jumping on the ottoman and then on the couch and back.

She also sometimes climbs up to the back of the couch and lies along the back rest like a cat.

Favorite place for a long walk on the weekend?

We love walking along the tree-lined street we live on. It’s always got new smells and ponds with wildlife, and it’s a quick 2-mile jaunt to get some exercise in.

Go-to dog-friendly patio in Charlotte?

We like most dog-friendly patios, but especially love Seoul Food’s outdoor space and Lucky Dog Bark & Brew, which is a great place to meet new friends and enjoy the mild Charlotte weather.

Favorite time of year to get outside?

So far we really enjoyed autumn the most. Doing zoomies at the dog park is probably Nessa’s favorite.

Favorite dog-friendly hidden gem around the region?

Not sure if it’s a hidden gem, but the patio between Hawkers and Jeni’s in South End is one of Nessa’s favorites because there are always a ton of good smells and people and dogs to meet.

Best dog-friendly day trip from Charlotte?

We went to Raleigh from Charlotte one day, and had a blast in all the dog-friendly breweries downtown.

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