What Do You Want Us To Talk About?

Answer 6 quick questions about how you find dog-friendly info in Charlotte.

We see you, Charlotte dog people. And we’ve happily said hello to your four-legged family members all around town: in the neighborhood, along the greenway, in hardware stores, at parks, on patios, in(!) breweries and many, many places in between.

You and your puppers are why we’re here.

DOG·CLT is just getting started, but in time we hope you’ll think of us as your best friend (well, your other best friend) for finding fun things to do with your dog in Charlotte.

We’re already working on a few ideas we think you’ll love, but right now the thing we’re most excited about is to hear from you.

What do you look for when you hit the internet with a dog-related search in mind? How easy is it to find what you need? What do you want to see more of when it comes to stuff about owning and loving dogs in Charlotte?

Now is your chance to sound off in the six-question survey below.

So let’s get started: What do you want to see us cover?


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