Buddy, the Smiley Golden

This smiley little superhero just kicked cancer’s butt.

In Meet My Dog, we say hello to some of the Queen City’s happiest four-legged friends and ask their people about their favorite things to do with dogs in Charlotte.

When it comes to cheerful canines, the QC might not have a happier pup than Buddy, the smiley golden. (Seriously. Just look at that sweet face.)

Buddy and his mom Danielle have a lot to smile about these days. After a yearlong fight, Buddy was pronounced cancer-free in late September and finished his last round of chemo in late October. He celebrated in the best way possible: a superhero-themed puppy party with all his family and friends.

Danielle, thanks so much for letting the DOG·CLT family meet Buddy. And Buddy, way to go kicking cancer’s butt!

Meet Buddy

How did you and Buddy meet?

Buddy was a rescue. I got him from West Columbia Animal Clinic when he was 6 weeks old. He was found on a river bend and brought in with parvo. The person who found him could not pay for the cure, so the vet cured him and called me. It was love at first site. I’ve had him ever since.

Do you celebrate his birthday?

Every year! We have birthday dates. He loves spaghetti, so I give him a huge serving in his bowl and eat mine on the floor with him. He also gets a birthday cake.

Favorite time of year to get outside?

We love the fall! We drive with the windows down and we go for long walks.

What’s Buddy’s best trick?

He can sit and shake right and left. It took him about two weeks to learn.

Go-to dog-friendly patio in Charlotte?

We love going to Burtons. He gets his own water bowl and tons of scratches and ice water. Sometimes he gets a small hamburger patty. We also love Flower Child and Max & Lola.

What’s the weirdest thing Buddy does?

He gallops like a horse, huffs like a person when he doesn’t get his way and LOVES watching TV. His favorite movies are Twilight: New Moon and The Princess Diaries 2.

Favorite place for a long walk on the weekend?

We love walking around Piedmont Row at Piedmont Town Center down to Symphony Park in SouthPark.

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